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An economically friendly platform built with your wallet in mind. Get started today for no cost at all.

Support and Education

We have focused support catered to your specific business needs and educational tools guiding you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey.

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You will receive immediate payment when you make a sell which helps you decrease shipping time for your eager customers.

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No startup fees

You can start your entrepreneurial journey today through Melanoid Exchange. Customers across the world are waiting to buy your exclusive products. Open your shop now.

Optional Startup Package

A customized, affordable, startup package designed just for you to ensure you success in the eCommerce world. Ask us more!

Optional Marketing Tools

A powerful add-on to market your products to the world through Melanoid Exchange's front page, email blasts, and social media for only $6.99 a month.

We process all payments with PayPal, which is an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from PayPal sales on Melanoid Exchange will be deposited into your PayPal account.

Connecting Minority Entrepreneurs with the World

Minority small businesses are struggling to adapt into the world of e-commerce. Melanoid Exchange makes e-commerce easier, affordable, and powerful by charging no startup fees, offering same day payouts, and marketing tools. We help scale your one of a kind products to loyalist shoppers who love to shop, where their dollar matters.

Manage your business anywhere

Manage your orders, inventory, and customer shipment tracking away from home.

Analytics to improve your sales

See everything from who is browsing, shopping, and what they are buying in real time.

A customized storefront

Tailor your storefront with a customized banner and links to all your social media platforms.

Accept payments seamlessly

Accept payments from any PayPal account or major credit card and receive the funds immediately.

The world is waiting to shop with your business.

Personal Url

Get a link to send directly to customers looking to shop with your business.

Inventory Management

Keep track your product inventory and let customers know when stock is low.

Seller Stories

You and your business joining Melanoid Exchange means the world to us. If you are not convinced just yet, read a few stories from some of our sellers.

Melanoid Exchange has helped me grasp the minds and ears of many consumers and readers. I cannot mention the story behind #GHETTO The Inner City Blues without it’s purpose. This is the type of conglomerate that our community has needed for awhile and I’m excited to be a part of its growth!

-Thaddeus Tolbert, Author of #GHETTO The Inner City Blues 

Using Melanoid Exchange has been the greatest decision I have ever made to start my business. I’ve been with Melanoid Exchange since the start of my business. The site offers great tools to save you extra work and they’re basically giving you a customer base from day one when customers scroll through the site and see the products you offer. I wouldn’t choose any other site to sell my products.

-Geraldine Jean-Baptist, Owner of Garish Galore

I love being apart of Melanoid Exchange family, reason I say family is because of the type of customer service they give. They want to see you win as a small business and that’s really hard to find. I have been able to take my company to the next level here! I’ve gotten into several different states around the United States. The website is really easy to use. Out of everything, the best thing about them is they are always there to listen. They want you to do great.

-Alicia Wilson, Owner of  Twin Nation  

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