There is a missing presence of the black author in America. The stigma says that authors of color can’t create the content needed to make any of the bestsellers list. Despite having the body of work, many authors of color are usually overlooked by authors from big publishing companies with the budget to promote their book. Here at Melanoid Exchange we fully support the quality of information a book has despite its level of funding. We have taken a step in changing the persona and creating a bestsellers list for authors of color.

In our first volume of the Melanoid Exchange Bestseller list we want to highlight a piece of work titled The Hood Scholar by Jovante Ham.

The Hood Scholar by Jovante Ham is a book that we believe anyone looking to beat the odds of life should read. He gives real life examples showing how he became the man he was and also the mistakes he made along the way giving all the glory to God.

Ham’s word choice and real-life examples allows readers to relive the situations as if they were there.

All in all, The Hood Scholar is a must read that will encourage readers to realize that where you are from doesn’t determine your outcome in life and it’s never too late to get back on track. This book will wow readers by its realism and give hope to those who may be struggling with their faith.  The Hood Scholar is available for purchase on our Melanoid Exchange App and website.