There is a missing presence of the black author in America. The stigma says that authors of color can’t create the content needed to make any of the bestsellers list. Despite having the body of work, many authors of color are usually overlooked by authors from big publishing companies with the budget to promote their book. Here at Melanoid Exchange we fully support the quality of information a book has despite its level of funding. We have taken a step in changing the persona and creating a bestsellers list for authors of color.

In our fourth volume of the Melanoid Exchange Bestseller list we want to highlight a piece of work titled Project to Profit by Will Cyrus.

Project to Profit by Will Cyrus is a book that any kid growing up in the inner city should read.He shows a clear picture of how there is still hope despite what odds may be stacked against you. Cyrus goes into detail on events that took place through his childhood up until he reached his current position today. Project to Profit is much more than your average rags to riches story with the authors stress on giving God all the glory. After reading this book readers will be encouraged to be great. Stereotypes are dismantled, boundaries are overstepped, heartache is present, faith is tested and restored, courage is found and hope is never lost.

Instead of using his childhood as an excuse, Cyrus gives his background credit for much of his entrepreneurial mindset. Project to Profit gives a real blueprint for anyone looking to escape their current circumstance, survive, and strive by the grace of God.

We encourage you to pick up this interesting read for yourself, family member , or friend who might have lost hope during the trials of life’s circumstances. Project to Profit can be purchased through Melanoid Exchange.