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Ginger & Honey is an Organic Skincare company that is known for their ginger and honey based products. Their CEO, Robbie Rochelle started this company in that spot where hard times and passion meets. After being laid off and being forced to close her company she began to develop skin rashes and breakout from store bought products. Robbie, at a lost for hope and direction began to create skincare products in her small apartment in the Bronx, NY that she shared with her big sister.  She noticed her skin begin to change by using plant-based organic ingredients and her skin issues were being caused by the harsh chemicals in those products.  Thus Ginger & Honey was born making and encouraging healthy skincare products without preservatives and animal cruelty.

“Sometimes it’s at our lowest point where we find our biggest passions and callings… it’s at those depths God can speak to us and we’re more open to listen” – Robbie Rochelle

Instagram: @gingerhoneyco
Website: www.gingerandhoney.co

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