Christmas is literally my favorite holiday, ever. from the decorations and movies to just the vibe and the crazy shopping season (yes, i’m the one that loves the hectic mood in Target).

That said, I wanted to make a list of things I want and a handy gift guide if you’re shopping for someone like me!

Im making this post with full disclosure that i bought a lot of my gifts myself.. because i wanted them and i don’t like any disappointment. that sounds really bad, but i wanted to ensure that the things i really, really wanted.. i got. that leaves more room for error (bad way to phrase it) when others buy me gifts. it also makes me more grateful of the things i receive because it’s like aw.. you really know me.

Since I was able to make my christmas list with such ease, i thought it would be beneficial to talk about 10 things you can easily gift to others in your life! this can work with your bff, your girlfriend/boo, sister, mom, etc.


1. Socks, Blankets, Pajamas: literally everyone loves fuzzy socks, being cozy, and a reminder to stay home. gifts like these are perfect and helps the girl on the go to slow down a bit.

2. Giftcards: you can’t go wrong with a giftcard. people are able to get what they need or want and it takes the guesswork out of gift-giving.

3. Polaroid Camera; they’re super cute and nostalgic. i absolutely love my Polaroid and it makes an amazing gift (but get the film too!)

4. Advent Calendar: i recently discovered advent calendars and they’re so cute! it seems like you can get them for everything from jewelry and nail polish to snacks and makeup. they’re like 30 (or 31, depending on the calendar) little mini gifts wrapped up into one full of surprises and fun.

5. Makeup Tools: tools are the perfect gift to give the makeup lover in your life. you won’t make mistakes trying to decide on shades and people always need new brushes, beauty blenders, etc.

6. Accessories: jewelry, wallets, keychains, etc. are such a cute gift and like a yearly reminder of people in your life.

7. Subscriptions: in a world where you can subscribe to anything, gifting someone a subscription is such a cute and easy gift. it’s one that keeps on giving. every month or so, they’ll get a surprise in the mail and it’s from you! wins you brownie points throughout the year and you can often pay for them at one time to avoid a monthly charge on your end. my favorite recommendations are- bootaybag, fabfitfun, and candyclub.

8. Cups: i collect Starbucks cups, so i may be a bit impartial, but cups are literally perfect because they come in so many different sizes, patterns/colors, and the receiver gets 10% off when they use them in-store!

9. Planner/Stationary: stationary gifts are amazing and are perfect for people who, like me, are always planning or writing something. buying little notebooks, pads, pens, etc. come in handy and can be used year-round.

10. Bags: bags are a super cute gift that everyone is excited to receive. it doesn’t have to be a namebrand bag either, just something cute! i love tote bags. especially ones that can fit my macbook, planner, pens, wallet, etc. like a multipurpose bag. (i really recommend the glamaholic bags by mia ray!)

My (running) Christmas List (bolded items are things i bought myself).

1. iPad + Apple Pencil (i bought this myself because there was a GREAT deal on black friday) – i want it for brand purposes. easier to work with on the go, i get to start a bujo, and it’s so handy!

2. Tote Bag -I wanted a super cute branded tote bag!

3. Phone Case

4. Earrings

5. New Wallet

6. Silver Watch

7. Vlog Camera

8. Hydroflask (preferably in pink).

9. Giftcards (Sephora, Starbucks, and Amazon).

10. Books (Feels x Kalyn Nicholson and a new Bible, would be amazing.)

i hope between my list and the gift-guide, you’re able to find some super cute gifts for people in your life! i secretly had fun making this list, and i think i want to do one for the guys too.. thoughts?

oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, officially. i’ve been ready to celebrate since november 1st.