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When considering a night out on the town with your girls, what do you think the most appropriate outfit is?

This is a good question for most. When it’s time for me to go have fun with my girls, I automatically know a BAD photo is going to come with it. I put on the outfit that I know is going to give the camera life. The only thing about me is I’ll find out I’m going out about 5 hours before I actually do, but from the way I put the fit together, you would’ve thought I had several days to prepare.

When you go out with your girls/ guys do you wear heels or flats?

As me and my girls say, “if you ain’t heeling, you ain’t trying and flats can’t sit with us! ”

We show up to give the show MORE LIFE. If you’re going out with us, you have to be on your P’s & Q’s. We like taking pictures and when we leave, a statement will be made.

When getting dressed for the night, you should always dress according to the scenery while making sure you stand out. They say the most silent ones in the room are the most dangerous and the loudest ones are the weakest. You’ll want to be the most quiet in the room. Walk in and turn all heads. Let the room know you did not come to play, but you came to SLAY.

Mind frame should always remain on “baddie baddie, yea that’s me”- HahaDavis LOL

But seriously, the next time you and your girls / guys go out and you know it’s time to make a statement, ask your self this question: “Will the camera give me life or will I give the camera life?”

Never wear that average outfit that blends in. Be the outfit that stands out, the one that people remember, the one that give the people hell. The one that screams and gains peoples attention, but is still so quiet that it’s style moves in silence.

If you are a guy reading this, the same rules apply. If you are going to step out you have to be the show. Women love a guy who can dress. That’s what gets our attention. If you are out and you aren’t looking your best, you will get looked over. #dontbethatguy. Also, women look at shoes. It’s really one of the first things we’ll look at when looking at your outfit. Always make sure that your shoes are clean!!! No matter what kind of shoes you have on, make sure they are clean. You can’t think you’re about to go out and have fun with the fellas with scuff marks on your shoes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, always remember appearance is everything. It’s the first thing a person notices about you before you speak and get the chance to engage in conversation.

My mother always tells me that no matter where you go, make sure you look presentable. You never know who you’ll meet. When you plan on going out that night, you never know who you’ll meet. When you step out of your home, think about who you could see.

Its not just a night out on the town. Me and my crew always make it a night to remember. Reminisce on what we had on and how heads turned like we were passing out free fashion tips.

“Don’t let the fit out wear you, out wear the fit” -XoxoFashionista

Good Evening world

Today I woke up with the urge to speak on “mixing brands”. I’m speaking on casual, formal, or even comfy.

How many of you mix the brands of different clothes just because you feel “they are just clothes”? Well I’m here to let you know that is a NO NO. In my eyes and in my opinion, I feel that you are not suppose to mix clothing brands when wearing them. You can’t wake up feeling both Adidas and Nike, or Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It just doesn’t work like that. If you are going to mix brands, I’m here to guide you on what is acceptable to mix. 

Rule 1. Never wear Adidas and Nike, Jordan , or Under Armor together.
Rule 2. If you are going to wear Adidas, it has to be from head to toe.
Rule 3. You can not wear Gucci shoes with a Louis Vuitton bag or accessories. (Prints clash)
Rule 4. You are able to wear Nike and Jordan or Nike and Under Armor together.
Rule 5. If you are so “designer”, do not mix and clash designs together trying to make a statement.

The clothes that you wear should show your confidence. Idk how anyone is able to be comfortable with every brand on. LOL.

In my book section 4 line 39 LOL, wearing different brands together is against the law of fashion wardrobe, even if you are at home watching tv, or making a quick store run. Brands should always match.
Never let the mixture of brands get you stopped/ pulled over by the fashion police.

“What you wear is how present yourself to the world, especially today, when human contact are so quick. Fashion is instant language”. -Miuccia Prada