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After 11 years, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is stepping down. He is responsible for turning the job search company into a global social network for professional users. Effective in June, the current Senior Vice President of product, Ryan Rolansky will become CEO. 

In 2016, he led the job search company’s sale to Microsoft. In the company’s statement Weiner will become an Executive Chairman. When Ryan becomes the CEO, he will directly report to Satya Nadella and will also join Microsoft’s senior leadership

Weiner was 49 year old when he was hired in 2008 by LinkedIn founder, Reid Hoffman. That same year, Rolansky was also brought to board.

The membership base of the company has increased significantly from 33 million to nearly 675 million members under the leadership of Jeff Weiner. Inclusively, the company has grown from 338 to more than 16,000 employees in different offices around the world, the revenue has increased from $78 million to more than $7.5 billion. In 2011, Weiner guided LinkedIn company through its IPO and the acquisition by Microsoft in 2016

Being the new Executive Chairman, Jeff will help the company to realize it’s vision of creating economic opportunity for every member of the global work force. Additionally, he will support the company’s leadership team and focus on improving the upcoming leadership within LinkedIn and building key relationship externally on behalf of the company.

Jeff thanked the leadership members of the company in a LinkedIn post stating that the last eleven years have been the greatest professional experience of his life.

Increasing diversity and inclusion in the LinkedIn networks is one of his primary goals when he assumes the role of Executive Chairman. Weiner has a vision on how to reduce “ the network gap”, which he termed the lack of diversity in social networks.

One of the important things in the hiring process of companies is network. According to research, people who ask for a referral from someone are more likely to get job on LinkedIn. Basically, it is about who you know. In fact, you need a strong network of people in order to appreciate the attached benefits. Research shows that the strength of a user’s network is influenced by three key factors. There are; where they grew up, where they go to school and where they work.

Weiner is ready to step on toes provided he’s able to eliminate this network gap problem within the company. This is because those that have the skills but lack the networks get shut out of opportunities. Solving this problem will be a gradual process. Study after study shows that people who went to the same school, grew up in the same neighborhood or look similar in appearance tend to network with one another. As a result of this, the network of the company will be more predictable. Friends will be more trusted and will have higher chances of getting the opportunity of working in the company.

The mode of operation of LinkedIn is responsible for this network gap problem. This is because the platform facilitates connections between people from the same college or has worked with the same organization. With this digital platform, you can easily connect with people most like yourself. It doesn’t really facilitate connection between people of different backgrounds or educational paths.

It is all about understanding the power of going beyond traditional network to create opportunity for people beyond their first degree Weiner quoted.. He’s ready to eliminate the network gap across every vocational training facility designed to create economic opportunity within the digital platform.

The plus one Pledge initiative is a part of his plan. This element entails workers going beyond their traditional network to reach out to someone new. He advised that this can be achieved by responding to LinkedIn email service request from someone you don’t know. Another aim is to make the company’s job listings visible to people who would like to see them.

Some people who may not welcome Weiner’s initiatives might be reluctant in participating, this is because they have the mindset that the company already have a diverse network. Unless users are forced to confront the lack of diversity in their network, they won’t realize how homogeneous their network really is.

The major contributor to gender and demographic pay gap is lack of access to strong networks and lack of women and color in senior roles of the organization. Weiner’s initiative stands to inspire and benefit the million members of the digital platform to diversify their networks. With this recent change we hope to see much more diversity in LinkedIn’s near future.

Apart from the basketball court, Kobe Bryant was known to the business world as a brand builder, an amazing coach to company founders and an investors. He achieved a lot of things by blending his remarkable talent with absolute devotion to winning.

Before leaving the NBA, Bryant co-founded venture capital firm Bryant Stibel with web.com founder Jeff Stibel.

Bryant followed the footprints of other sports legends and he was able to transform skills developed on the basketball court into business success. Bryant’s firm has invested in dozens of technology, data companies and media companies. The firm has more than $2 billion in assets all together. Bryant Stibel has investments in digital payment company Klarna, Fortnite creator Epic Games and household products firm, The Honest Company.

Aside the firm, Bryant invested in sports drink Body Amor where he made millions of dollars. In 2018, he sold a stake to Coca Cola thereby boosting the valuation. One of Bryant’s portfolio keys to success is his reputation as a brand builder.

Kobe created a media company that focuses on creative storytelling in sports was founded in 2016. He named the company Granity Studios. The company made serious impact on the world of sports. The strides visible to everyone across the spectrum of the sports industry.

Bryant narrated a short film “Dear Basketball”, through this company. The film won the academy award for best animated short film in 2018. The company has released many inspiring books for young talents, along with Bryant’s autobiography (Mamba Mentality: How I play).

In basketball, Bryant was well know as the Black Mamba. At the early part of his basketball carrier, he started building the Black Mamba brand as a Nike endorser. In 2003, he signed a deal with Nike. Apart from Bryant, other elites including LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony signed with the brand that year. Their signings helped Nike to solidify it’s position in the basketball world.

Nike brought out Bryant with their then-CEO to celebrate the launch of their new business strategy during its annual investors meeting.

In 2017, He partnered with Nike and the Los Angeles Boys and Girls club to launch a youth basketball league called the Mamba league. He gave several kids access to the basketball game. He later provided a better athletic and lifestyle training facility to competitors at all levels of sports, the Mamba Sports Academy.

Kobe Bryant has had an immeasurable impact on the world of sport and was one of the greatest athletes of his generation.

Through the Tmall Magic Box Tv in China, Kobe worked alongside the Alibaba group to release his documentary, Kobe Bryant’s Muse in 2015. Throughout the deal, he worked with Alibaba to create a new social media platform to bring new avenues to connecting China’s young people directly to Kobe and his philosophies”. This partnership was announced by Alibaba during a press release. Aliexpress, The Alibaba group’s retail platform sells many number of Kobe branded products inclusively.

Throughout his career, Kobe also had endorsement deals with some notable brands such as McDonalds, Sprite, Nintendo and Turkish airlines. Kobe would not only be remembered as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, but a strategic investor who had created a well known business and investment empire. He built a global brand.

Forbes reports that when he retired in 2016, Bryant had earned a record USD$680 million. Bryant’s early independent USD $6 million investment in sports drink company Body Armor turned into $200 million after the firm received a 2018 investment from Coca-Cola.

There is a missing presence of the black author in America. The stigma says that authors of color can’t create the content needed to make any of the bestsellers list. Despite having the body of work, many authors of color are usually overlooked by authors from big publishing companies with the budget to promote their book. Here at Melanoid Exchange we fully support the quality of information a book has despite its level of funding. We have taken a step in changing the persona and creating a bestsellers list for authors of color.

In our fourth volume of the Melanoid Exchange Bestseller list we want to highlight a piece of work titled Project to Profit by Will Cyrus.

Project to Profit by Will Cyrus is a book that any kid growing up in the inner city should read.He shows a clear picture of how there is still hope despite what odds may be stacked against you. Cyrus goes into detail on events that took place through his childhood up until he reached his current position today. Project to Profit is much more than your average rags to riches story with the authors stress on giving God all the glory. After reading this book readers will be encouraged to be great. Stereotypes are dismantled, boundaries are overstepped, heartache is present, faith is tested and restored, courage is found and hope is never lost.

Instead of using his childhood as an excuse, Cyrus gives his background credit for much of his entrepreneurial mindset. Project to Profit gives a real blueprint for anyone looking to escape their current circumstance, survive, and strive by the grace of God.

We encourage you to pick up this interesting read for yourself, family member , or friend who might have lost hope during the trials of life’s circumstances. Project to Profit can be purchased through Melanoid Exchange.

Christmas is literally my favorite holiday, ever. from the decorations and movies to just the vibe and the crazy shopping season (yes, i’m the one that loves the hectic mood in Target).

That said, I wanted to make a list of things I want and a handy gift guide if you’re shopping for someone like me!

Im making this post with full disclosure that i bought a lot of my gifts myself.. because i wanted them and i don’t like any disappointment. that sounds really bad, but i wanted to ensure that the things i really, really wanted.. i got. that leaves more room for error (bad way to phrase it) when others buy me gifts. it also makes me more grateful of the things i receive because it’s like aw.. you really know me.

Since I was able to make my christmas list with such ease, i thought it would be beneficial to talk about 10 things you can easily gift to others in your life! this can work with your bff, your girlfriend/boo, sister, mom, etc.


1. Socks, Blankets, Pajamas: literally everyone loves fuzzy socks, being cozy, and a reminder to stay home. gifts like these are perfect and helps the girl on the go to slow down a bit.

2. Giftcards: you can’t go wrong with a giftcard. people are able to get what they need or want and it takes the guesswork out of gift-giving.

3. Polaroid Camera; they’re super cute and nostalgic. i absolutely love my Polaroid and it makes an amazing gift (but get the film too!)

4. Advent Calendar: i recently discovered advent calendars and they’re so cute! it seems like you can get them for everything from jewelry and nail polish to snacks and makeup. they’re like 30 (or 31, depending on the calendar) little mini gifts wrapped up into one full of surprises and fun.

5. Makeup Tools: tools are the perfect gift to give the makeup lover in your life. you won’t make mistakes trying to decide on shades and people always need new brushes, beauty blenders, etc.

6. Accessories: jewelry, wallets, keychains, etc. are such a cute gift and like a yearly reminder of people in your life.

7. Subscriptions: in a world where you can subscribe to anything, gifting someone a subscription is such a cute and easy gift. it’s one that keeps on giving. every month or so, they’ll get a surprise in the mail and it’s from you! wins you brownie points throughout the year and you can often pay for them at one time to avoid a monthly charge on your end. my favorite recommendations are- bootaybag, fabfitfun, and candyclub.

8. Cups: i collect Starbucks cups, so i may be a bit impartial, but cups are literally perfect because they come in so many different sizes, patterns/colors, and the receiver gets 10% off when they use them in-store!

9. Planner/Stationary: stationary gifts are amazing and are perfect for people who, like me, are always planning or writing something. buying little notebooks, pads, pens, etc. come in handy and can be used year-round.

10. Bags: bags are a super cute gift that everyone is excited to receive. it doesn’t have to be a namebrand bag either, just something cute! i love tote bags. especially ones that can fit my macbook, planner, pens, wallet, etc. like a multipurpose bag. (i really recommend the glamaholic bags by mia ray!)

My (running) Christmas List (bolded items are things i bought myself).

1. iPad + Apple Pencil (i bought this myself because there was a GREAT deal on black friday) – i want it for brand purposes. easier to work with on the go, i get to start a bujo, and it’s so handy!

2. Tote Bag -I wanted a super cute branded tote bag!

3. Phone Case

4. Earrings

5. New Wallet

6. Silver Watch

7. Vlog Camera

8. Hydroflask (preferably in pink).

9. Giftcards (Sephora, Starbucks, and Amazon).

10. Books (Feels x Kalyn Nicholson and a new Bible, would be amazing.)

i hope between my list and the gift-guide, you’re able to find some super cute gifts for people in your life! i secretly had fun making this list, and i think i want to do one for the guys too.. thoughts?

oh, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS, officially. i’ve been ready to celebrate since november 1st.

There is a missing presence of the black author in America. The stigma says that authors of color can’t create the content needed to make any of the bestsellers list. Despite having the body of work, many authors of color are usually overlooked by authors from big publishing companies with the budget to promote their book. Here at Melanoid Exchange we fully support the quality of information a book has despite its level of funding. We have taken a step in changing the persona and creating a bestsellers list for authors of color.

In our second volume of the Melanoid Exchange Bestseller list we want to highlight a piece of work titled #Ghetto he Inner City Blues by Thaddeus Tolbert.

#Ghetto The Inner City Blues by Thaddeus Tolbert is a book that we believe anyone from the inner city should read. Even if your unfamiliar with the inner city way of life Tolbert brings you into his environment with his keen word choice and strict detail.

#Ghetto he Inner City Blues is a depiction of mental health and sociological barriers, spiritual battles, perseverance, and determination. Thaddeus Tolbert gives his self-disclosure of what it was like growing up in 3rd Ward Houston, TX and how it made a drastic impact on his life from childhood up into adulthood. Tolbert  utilizes raw details and imagery to paint a clear picture of his POV of what transpires in the #GHETTO.

All in all, #Ghetto he Inner City Blues is a must read that will encourage readers to see life through the eyes of the author . This book will stun readers by its realism and give them hope to that they too may make a change for the better.  #Ghetto The Inner City Blues is available for purchase on our Melanoid Exchange App and website.